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The Greater East End Management District was created in 1999 by the 76th Texas legislature and is one of more than 20 districts in the Houston area. A bill to create the district was introduced in the House of Representatives by State Representative Rick Noriega. State Senator Mario Gallegos introduced a bill in the Senate. HB 3692 was signed into law by then Governor George W. Bush on May 10, 1999.

The management district was formed to promote economic development, improve infrastructure and amenities, provide services to commercial property owners, and create opportunities for workforce training and development.

Services are funded by an assessment of commercial property owners and multi-unit housing properties with 13 or more units within district boundaries. Assessments are based on the assessed value of real property and are collected by Harris County. Annual assessments hover around $1,600,000. Basic district services include a security patrol in partnership with Harris County Precinct 6 Constable; Baker Hughes, Inc.; Pelec Development;  and Gulfgate Properties. The district also manages an award winning graffiti abatement program and a litter and dumpsite clean up program.

All programs and services are approved and monitored by a District Board of Directors comprised of East End commercial property owners, business owners, and residents.