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Livable Centers Initiative


Livable Centers InitiativeThe Greater East End Management District was awarded $5 million in stimulus funds on September 28, 2009, to bring sidewalks to city standards along Navigation, York and Sampson in the East End. These sidewalk improvements will also include lighting, striping, benches, plantings, transit shelters and ramps. Additional benefits to pedestrians include enhancing walkability and improving access to bus and light rail transit services in the East End. The District is also using its own capital reserves to make similar changes on Harrisburg Boulevard, including plenty of shade trees along the new East End light rail corridor currently under construction. All of these improvements are based on extensive community input and will be made between the existing curb and the property lines within the public right of way. No property will be taken and no changes to traffic operations are required.

Livable Centers MapThis page has a number of significant documents that mark the progress of the Livable Centers initiative since 2007. The original Livable Centers Phase 1 Plan and the East End Corridor Vision are the basis for all of the current work and future plans. As community support grew and important partnerships were developed, a Development Potential report was created, followed by a Master Plan. A Mobility Study showing improvement opportunities was completed and presented to stakeholders in March, 2012, and is also included here.

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Pavers, Medallion, Cast Stone Street Name

Pavers, Medallion Cast Stone Name

The Houston-Galveston Area Council presents “Mobility Now” a community television show about the many ways we move around in the Houston-Galveston region, hosted by H-GAC’s Director of Transportation, Alan Clark. Links to video clips and the Mobility Now website are posted here-

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