Workforce Training and Development

The Greater East End Management District’s 2017-2020 Strategic Plan for Economic Development supports the expansion and retention of existing businesses, encourages entrepreneurial projects, and promotes small business creation. Partnering with East End schools and local workforce training programs, the District recognizes the critical need for job skills training and other education programs that link workers to employers. To that end, the District allocates 3% of annual assessment revenue toward workforce development projects that benefit both workers and employers in the East End.


The District is accepting proposals through May 31, 2017, from qualified organizations that have programs or projects that provide job skills training and/or job placement services that benefit East End workers and employers.

Criteria to be met:

  • The program or project should have a two-year plan for workforce development, job skills training, and/or job placement services that will serve East End residents and East End employers.
  • The program or project should a have a detailed two-year budget with expense designated for administrative costs and true project costs.
  • The submitted proposal must be no more than 5 pages of text plus a 1-2 page budget, for a maximum of 7 pages total. Provide four copies of the proposal, if mailing or delivering.
  • The program or project should bring additional leveraged resources back into the East End.
  • The receiving organization of workforce development funds from the Greater East End Management District will provide an annual report on expenditures and measurable results to the District Board of Directors for each year that the funds are allocated to the receiving organization.

The District’s 2017 and 2018 workforce development budget is $144,000.00, or approximately $72,000.00 each year, and may be apportioned to one or more qualifying organizations, as determined by the District’s Board of Directors. The funding announcement will be made by June 30, 2017.

Proposals will be accepted through May 31, 2017, 5:00 p.m., and can be mailed, emailed, or delivered in person to:

Greater East End Management District

Hedy Wolpa

Workforce Development Proposal

3211 Harrisburg

Houston, Texas 77003