GEEMD Funds Usage

GEEMD has constructed or managed $31 million in infrastructure improvements in the East End since 2010. The District’s original investment of $2.5 million in capital funds has been leveraged at a ratio of more than 5:1 in grant funding for sidewalk and bikeway improvements.

GEEMD Funds Leveraged

Widen Navigation Blvd & create an urban street market in the Esplanade 2013$2.5M
Improve transit connections 2014$228K
Renovate Guadalupe Park 2016$5.6M
Build new pedestrian and bike trails 2017$22.4M

GEEMD Improvements 2010-2016

Miles of SidewalkMiles of Hike-BikeMiles of BikewayNumber of TreesNumber of ParksNumber of Pedestrian LightsNumber of BenchesNumber of Bike RacksNumber of Trash Receptacles